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Rhys Hoskins celebrated his go-ahead homer by miming a play-action pass with his first-base coach

In case there was ever any doubt that football fever had fully taken over Philadelphia in the wake of the Eagles' Super Bowl victory, Rhys Hoskins confirmed it during Saturday afternoon's 6-2 win over the Pirates.
Hoskins crushed the decisive blow in the triumph, a three-run homer off Michael Feliz that changed the game from a 2-0 Phillies deficit to a 3-2 lead. As Hoskins rounded first, he and first-base coach Jose David Flores teamed up on a play-action-themed celebration:

That's a touchdown to us, anyway.
According to Hoskins, the idea came from Flores. "Yeah, that was just a fun thing," he said to's Mike Radano. "It was all Flo."
Giancarlo Stanton has also pretended to take handoffs after homers, but maybe the Phillies were more inspired by the "Philly Special" first pitch that Super Bowl hero Trey Burton threw back in Spring Training. Regardless, perhaps Nick Foles should watch his back -- there might be yet another star football player in town.