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Derek Fisher made a casual home run robbery, and the Astros bullpen provided the hype

It is often the case that it is easier for one to achieve greatness than to celebrate that accomplishment. That's as true of professional baseball players as of office workers.
During the fifth inning of Wednesday's Astros-Mariners game, Mariners shortstop Jean Segura hit a fly ball to deep left field that looked like it might break the 1-1 tie. Not with Derek Fisher on the case. The Astros' left fielder went back to the wall and made perhaps the most casual home run robbery you'll ever see to preserve the tie. He barely even left his feet:

While Fisher made his home run-saving catch look as casual as he possibly could, his teammates in the bullpen were there to serve as his hype men:

Fisher and the Astros' bullpen have arrived at an optimal division of labor. Fisher made the great catch, and the group of relievers took on the burden of letting everyone else know just how great it actually was.