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Brian McCann laid out for a ball, flipped over the fence and landed among the camera crew

The walk-off win by the Astros over the Padres on Saturday night was interesting, to say the least. 
Alex Bregman popped up to the infield in the bottom of the 10th with two outs, but the Padres were unable to make the catch. Yep -- it was a small blooper that ended it. And despite the weird ending, Brian McCann had a moment during the game that may have been weirder.
In the top of the 10th on a Chris Devenski delivery, Jose Pirela got a little too under the ball, and McCann got quite the jump on it:

That's McCann tumbling over the fence, into way foul territory. And while he didn't make the grab, Bregman during a postgame interview mentioned that the team knew they would walk away with the win after witnessing what the catcher did. And he was right.
Impressive, very impressive.