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Rich Hill provided some soothing commentary about the weather and #shadows during NLCS Game 5

Wednesday afternoon found Rich Hill in a very relaxed mood. The night before, he was at his snarliest -- his curveball dancing all over the strike zone, candy buckets being uprooted and kicked all over the Dodgers' dugout -- but that's because he was pitching, and was in his feelings.
During the Dodgers' 5-2 win over the Brewers in NLCS Game 5 on Wednesday, Hill wore a microphone and offered up some play-by-play in the third inning. Specifically, he commented on the crisp, non-October-ish weather and how #shadows had begun descending on the field, given the game's mid-afternoon start time:

With a voice and delivery like that, Hill has a broadcasting gig in his future, if he so chooses.