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Gronk threw out a first pitch to Big Papi

There is nothing Rob Gronkowski does that isn't unmistakably Gronk. He celebrates touchdowns like Gronk. He sings songs of the summer like Gronk. And, yes, he throws first pitches just like Gronk:

Gronkowski took the mound at Fenway Park ahead of Boston's 4-0 win over the Giants on Tuesday and, what? Was he not supposed to stick out his tongue? 


You don't become one half of pop music's reigning summer duo by pretending to be someone other than yourself. 

David Ortiz -- who was on the receiving end of the pitch -- and Gronkowski have seemingly become quite good friends, as tends to happen when you're dropping hits and hanging out with each other's moms. Big Papi likely wouldn't have had his partner deliver the ball any other way. And let's not overlook the fact that it was a darn good pitch, too.

We just hope there's a music video version of his first pitch coming soon -- and hopefully he dances something like this: