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Carlos Gonzalez and Mark Reynolds teamed up to hit nearly 1000 feet of home runs

Rockies outfielder Carlos González has one of the smoothest swings in the game -- and when he connects on a homer, it's a thing of beauty.
With Colorado in a scoreless tie in the sixth inning of Thursday night's 7-3 win over the Braves, CarGo connected and sent a pitch very far into the Coors Field night. So far, in fact, that it didn't land -- it ricocheted violently off the wall beyond the bullpen:

As you might expect given the trajectory of that homer and how it exploded off his bat, that was the second-hardest of Gonzalez's career, per Statcast™: 

Asked by's Thomas Harding later if he was aware of the post-homer number crunch, Gonzalez commended the Coors Field video department: 
"They do a good job here. As soon as the inning was over, they showed it on the board. It was 114-something miles per hour and he threw me a 97 mph fastball."
And added with a chuckle:
"Whenever we square those fastballs, bad ... I mean, great things are going to happen."
Thursday's blast was his second-best. So, then, which of Gonzalez's 196 career long balls holds the No. 1 spot? This one, which sailed toward the pool at Chase Field in Arizona in early April:

He definitely doesn't get cheated. 
But wait, there was another ridiculous power display at Coors Field on Thursday: Gonzalez's teammate Mark Reynolds clubbed this one a projected 484 feet: 

Making it, unsurprisingly, the second-longest tracked this season ... 

... trailing only Rangers rookie Nomar Mazara's 491-foot blast back at Globe Life Park in Arlington.

Those are some seriously majestic blasts.