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The Rockies introduced Dinger into the world out of an enormous dinosaur egg

The big leagues are certainly not lacking in mascot variety. Want a furry green cross between a Muppet and a monster, who also dumps popcorn on unsuspecting fans? Here you go. Want an adorable alien that can occasionally dance to Beyonce? Sure! Heck, even the anthropomorphized baseballs manage to distinguish themselves (and their mustaches).
Back on April 16, 1994, however, the Rockies introduced something else entirely to the mascot landscape -- something ... prehistoric:

Heading into its second season in the Majors, Colorado still didn't have a mascot to call its own. So, prior to the team's game against the Expos at Mile High Stadium -- where the Rockies played before Coors Field opened -- the team introduced Dinger, a lovable purple triceratops.
(Why a triceratops, you ask? During Coors Field's construction, crews unearthed a dinosaur fossil near the planned location of home plate.)
And of course, what better way to introduce your new dinosaur mascot than to have him hatch out of a giant dinosaur egg? They even brought in two doctors to assist in the delivery, because Dinger deserves the very best medical care.