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Please observe the new fish mascot in the Nippon Professional Baseball league

The Chiba Lotte Marines of the Nippon Professional Baseball league recently introduced a new mascot to their fans. It's basically a giant fish ... with legs. Although sometimes it doesn't have legs and prefers to swim across the turf. You think running on turf is difficult? Try swimming!

When it does have legs, it dances like an angel across the outfield. An angel in the outfield. An angelfish in the outfield:

Other times it prefers to "sit dazed in the corner." Stare into its fish mouth, live inside its fish soul.

Either way, we, and fans, have taken a liking to the fish -- a newcomer that joins the ranks of the Marines' trio of bird mascots. Hopefully they take it in as one of their own. And hopefully, someday, it meets up with the 1,876-year-old pear mascot to form a mascot super team that travels the world, dancing atop dugouts and dominating on diamonds everywhere.