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Rockies superfan traveled 5,280 miles from Austria to attend his first MLB game

The Rockies lost, 8-3, to the D-backs on Sunday and we're guessing most Colorado fans went home disappointed. Well, except for Niki Paumi and his wife and daughter. The family had the pleasure of taking in their first MLB game ever ... and they traveled 5,280 miles from Austria to see it:

Look at those custom Rockies soccer shirseys! There are a few extremely cool things about this story (which you can also hear in the main video above).
1. Paumi was a soccer fan, but when Austria didn't qualify for the World Cup this time around, he figured he needed a new team. Aftter reading Steven King's "The Shining," which takes place in Colorado, he looked up to see what teams play in the state. He came across the Rockies and, well, that was it.

  1. He's watched every single Rockies game the past couple of years, which is 2 a.m. Austria time.
    3. His family traveled 5,280 miles across the world to see a baseball game!
    Paumi and his family are following the Rockies out to California over the next few weeks, so hopefully the team wins a few games while they're there.