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Ronald Acuña listened in as the umpires conducted a replay review

It's always nice when you get some unexpected help in the middle of a tough job. During the Braves' 1-0 win over the Pirates Monday, the umpires got help from a surprising source during a replay review.

Pinch-hitting in the seventh inning, Adam Duvall hit a ball deep down the left-field line. The call on the field was that it was a foul ball, but it was close. So, the umpires took another look to make sure. As they were wrapping up their review Ronald Acuña stepped in to lend his services:


It rarely hurts to have another set of eyes on a tricky call, so we're sure the umpiring crew was appreciative of Acuña's assistance. Who knows -- maybe he'll show up to lend a hand next time you're moving furniture.