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Ned Yost had some harsh but fair comments on a fan's (rough) back tattoo of his face

Folks who decide to get a tattoo generally do so in hopes of paying tribute to something near and dear to their hearts, be it a loved one, special inspirational phrase or something else with which they connect on a personal level. Sometimes, tattoos are the result of losing a bet with a friend.
That's what seems to have happened to a Royals fan, who lost said bet and had to get manager Ned Yost's face tattooed on his back as penance:

Here's an in-progress photograph of the tattoo process, as shared by the man himself, Brett Marcus: 

When reached for comment about this unique development, Yost reacted with a chuckle, telling's Jeffrey Flanagan:
"Yeah, I saw it. The guy lost a bet. You'd think they could get a better picture of me. I'm just glad it was on his back and not his butt."
"It's a nice little tribute, though," Yost said in the video atop this post. And after all, he's right. A bad tattoo tribute is still better than no tribute at all.