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Royals prospect Brady Singer stunned his parents by paying off their debt for Christmas

It's readily apparent why the Royals took Brady Singer 18th overall in this year's Draft. There's his mid-90s sinker, for example, or his star turn in helping Florida win the 2017 College World Series, or his 2.55 ERA in 2018 that earned him the Dick Howser Trophy as college baseball's best player.
But Singer never would've reached those heights without his parents -- the ones who drove him to tournaments, the ones who bought him equipment, the ones that were always willing to sacrifice to help their son reach his dreams. So, for his first Christmas as a professional ballplayer (and his first Christmas with a $4.25 million signing bonus) Singer wanted to repay the favor.
Singer wrote a letter to his parents, thanking them for everything ... and then revealing that he'd paid off all of their debt as a Christmas present. His mom could hardly find the words:

Hey, who left these onions here?