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Russell Martin made an appearance at shortstop for the first time in his 13-plus year career

Pitbull may be known the world over as Mr. Worldwide, but Blue Jays catcher Russell Martin is making a clear case for himself to be referred to as Mr. Versatile. 
For most of his now 13-year MLB career, Martin has been a catcher. He's a gritty, dugout-hopping, net-battling, fun-having type of guy -- but as a backstop, where he's appeared in 1,473 of his 1,547 career games. 
Late in Tuesday's 12-2 loss to the Mets at Citi Field, Martin played shortstop, relieving youngRichard Ureña in the eighth inning. Yep. 

This was Martin's first stint at shortstop in his pro tenure, though he's made 32 appearances at third base, four at second base and one in the outfield thus far in his career. 
And, true to his new nickname as "Mr. Versatile," he looked like a natural out there on Tuesday, though he didn't get a chance to make a play:

"We didn't talk about this game in particular but it was definitely, for me, it was the only cool thing that happened in the game today," Martin told after the game. "I guess you could kind of call it a dream come true. I wish the circumstances were a little bit different but I'll remember the first day I ever played shortstop in the Major Leagues."
Manager John Gibbons said he'd been looking for an opportunity to use Martin at shortstop:
"I've been looking for that. He's one of our best infielders, but he's our catcher. And if you want to know the truth. I'm surprised he didn't get a ball because normally when you put someone in there, the ball, the way the game works, you always get a ball right away. But he can play there. I've got no doubts he can play there. Now saying that, he's not going to be out there a lot but there's no doubt in my mind that he would be a good one."
We see you, Russell.