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Ryan Braun can't travel to Montreal with the Brewers because he forgot his passport

We've all been there. You've packed your bags to go on a trip -- making sure not to forget the toothbrush this time -- and are on your way to the airport with a sense of relief. It's going to be so nice to get away. Everything is going to be great.

All of a sudden, you panic. Have you forgotten your wallet? You reach into your bag to feel for it. Your panic slowly increases as you can't find it. And then it hits you. You took it out last night to order that book online and left it on the table. Now you don't have your ID. You're going to miss your flight.

Well, when you don't see Ryan Braun when the Brewers take on the Blue Jays in Montreal on Monday and Tuesday, it's because that's more or less what happened to him.

The rules are the rules, whether you're a former NL MVP and six-time All Star or just a guy looking forward to a relaxing week away from home and work. Next time, you can be sure he'll check his bag one extra time before heading out the door to the airport.