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Ryan Sherriff faced Kevin 'Outlaw' Kiermaier in a Players Weekend showdown, and the law prevailed

You may notice some fun jerseys over the next few days, as teams throughout the league take part in Players Weekend. If they chose to take part in the festivities, players donned special customized jerseys with their nicknames (or Twitter usernames) stitched on the back where their last name would usually go. 
Rays center fielder Kevin Kiermaier selected "Outlaw" as his moniker of choice for this weekend, a nickname he says has followed him for quite a while now. Sherriff, meanwhile, was just called up two days ago (the first promotion of his career), and the 27-year-old was summoned to make his Major League debut in the fifth inning of the Cardinals' 7-3 loss to the Rays on Friday night. 
This means, of course, that Sheriff was unable to pick something other than his last name for his jersey. Which means, of course, a pitcher-hitter matchup of Sherriff vs. Outlaw. It was magic: 

In the end, justice prevailed, as Sherriff coaxed Outlaw/Kiermaier into a fielder's choice.