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Sandy Leon made it to third base ... after he struck out swinging

When Sandy Leon struck out swinging in the top of the fourth during Friday's Red Sox-Blue Jays game, he wasn't expecting to get on base. Well, not only did he get on base, but he managed to make his way to third. Once again, on a swinging strikeout.
Hear us out.
On a 1-2 pitch, Leon swung at an 88-mph changeup from Aaron Sanchez. The ball tipped off Luke Maile's glove and into the dirt. Without any hesitation, Leon sprinted to first. Maile eventually found the ball but overthrew to first base, causing the ball to roll all the way up the line. Brock Holt scored from first and Leon safely made it to third:

Here it is from another angle:

This put the Red Sox up, 3-2, and even though he may have been slightly out of breath, Leon gave us a lot of entertainment.
But don't feel sorry for Maile. He ended the game in walk-off fashion on a two-run shot to center field. The Jays won, 5-3.