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With a diving catch, Joey Gallo proved that he's more than just a dinger monster

Joey Gallo is an outfielder, but he's not a man normally known for his defense. Usually, he's crushing monsterhomers to the distant reaches of ballparks, like he did here:

On Tuesday night, though, Gallo flipped the script. He didn't have much success with the bat against Indians starter Mike Clevinger, so with Jason Kipnis up to bat with a runner in scoring position in the third inning, he contributed in a different way -- with his glove:

Kipnis was robbed of an RBI hit and the Indians were kept off the scoreboard. Gallo had covered 45 feet in just 3.4 seconds on a play that had a 52-percent catch probablity.
Pitcher Doug Fister was definitely appreciative:'s Ben Weinrib talked to Gallo about the catch postgame, and he gave some fantastic play-by-play of the moment:
"I was just, like, off the bat I was running after it, and it was kind of tough to see because of all of those shadows and the sun. I'm just running after it like, 'Man, I don't know if I'm going to get to to this.' And then kind of at the last second I'm like, 'Wow, I'm a lot closer than I thought I was going to be with this ball.' I just dove out and didn't even know I caught it until I landed and looked in my glove and said, 'Woah I actually caught that ball.' I haven't had many balls to do that to, but I think my length kind of helped me out on that one, my wingspan. That was definitely a big play to save a run and keep it even."
Of course, when the Indians managed to pull off a stunning rally capped by Michael Brantley's game-tying grand slam in the ninth, Gallo turned to the more familiar part of his skill set to lift the Rangers up in extra innings:

Thanks to Gallo's all-around performance, the Rangers won in 12 innings, 8-6.

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