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Scooter Gennett's goal for 2019 is to break down barriers around mental health

The last two years have been good to Scooter Gennett. In 2017, the second baseman made history by hitting four home runs in a single game, earning him a scooter to call his own. Last year, he made his first All-Star team and hit a clutch 2-run homer in the 9th inning to send the game to extra innings. 
With those on-field accomplishments in tow, Gennett is setting his sights on some off-field goals in 2019. That starts with getting out in the community and helping kids have conversations about their mental health:

As discussions around mental health become less stigmatized in sports and athletes increasingly rely on sports psychologists to help them perform at the highest level, it's nice to see them bring that perspective into the community. Hopefully, Gennett's 2019 project helps the kids he works with and inspires more openness about mental health.