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Sean Doolittle and Eireann Dolan eloped, and their nuptials were just lovely

October is generally considered to be a time of spookiness, pumpkin spice and postseason baseball. But, believe it or not, it is also a month of love. Well, love and postseason baseball.
There was no better combination of those things than in the elopement of Nationals closer Sean Doolittle and most-patient-woman-on-earth Eireann Dolan, which the two set into motion during the Nationals' off day on Monday:

Look at the happy couple! The two got engaged back in February with the help of bobbleheads and Smash Mouth (seriously), but it was charming to see the low-key wedding -- complete with flannels and jeans.
Although, we'd have thought Doolittle would prefer a more traditional nuptial look:

"It was something that we had been thinking about for a while," Doolittle told's Jamal Collier. "We've been together for 5 1/2 years and we were planning a big wedding in Chicago this offseason. It was a little stressful with so many moving parts -- trying to plan a wedding and getting ready for the playoffs. We had talked about it for maybe the last couple months -- why can't we just be married, we're ready to be married, we've been together for so long. We had some free time yesterday, so we made it official."
As for the honeymoon plans, that will have to wait for the offseason. "We are working on some stuff after the season," the bearded reliever said. "Maybe November or December we'll have some free time."