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Sean Doolittle proposed to his girlfriend with the help of their bobbleheads and ... Smash Mouth?

There's a lot going on here, so let's get right to the point. On Thursday, Sean Doolittle proposed to his girlfriend, Eireann Dolan, and the couple announced their engagement with the help of their respective bobbleheads:

Because that's what you do when you're a baseball (and Star Wars fan) power couple with your very own bobbleheads. (And yes, we're at least 80 percent sure this means that Doolittle and Dolan, the people, are engaged, and not just their comically disproportioned figurines.)
But as if a bobblehead-themed engagement announcement weren't enough, Doolittle's proposal seems to have been inspired by … the band Smash Mouth?

Yes, Smash Mouth tweeted that at Doolittle and Dolan Thursday morning. A few hours later:

I mean, you can't really pass up the chance at having "All-Star" performed live at your wedding when you're an actual MLB All-Star. Clearly, Doolittle knew he had to propose while the offer was still on the table. And Smash Mouth seems on board:

This is how matrimony happens in the 21st century, apparently.