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Sergio Romo was the Rays' batboy for the final game of the season, and he had a great time

Though it probably seems as if Opening Day was about a month ago, Sunday marked the final day of the regular season. This scenario usually brings with it fun or otherwise unusual circumstances, such as players playing every position on the diamond (we're looking at you, Andrew Romine) and more. 
For the Rays, that included enjoying the services of a special batboy during their 6-0 win over the Orioles at Tropicana Field: Veteran reliever Sergio Romo, who definitely looked the part.

Look at that dedication to the craft!

A truly great effort from Romo.
"In all seriousness, it's just about having fun," Romo told's Bill Chastain after the game. "It was the last game of the season and I've always wondered what the perception was being a batboy at a Major League Baseball game. So I jumped in."