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Shaquem Griffin took the mound at Safeco Field and threw a strike to his brother, Shaquill Griffin

Before they took the field and beat the Royals, 5-1, on Friday night, the Mariners welcomed a pair of Seahawks to the mound for a ceremonial first pitch. One of them, linebacker Shaquem Griffin, was just selected by the team in the 2018 NFL Draft out of the University of Central Florida. 
If his name sounds familiar, it should: Shaquem, 22, only has one hand due to complications from amniotic band syndrome. He hasn't let that keep him from achieving his football dreams, which led him to Safeco Field for Friday's big moment. 

Also at Safeco Field for the occasion was Shaquem's twin brother and Seahawks teammate, Shaquill, who caught Shaquem's first pitch -- and wore a camera on his chest to document the whole thing first-person:

After their big pitch, the Griffin brothers reflected on the experience with ROOT Sports: 

Good times all around.