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Evan Gattis called time and then A's reliever Shawn Kelley threw this pitch to the moon

Shawn Kelley pitched well in relief for the A's during their 9-4 loss to the Astros on Sunday. He struck out two of the three batters he faced in the sixth inning -- keeping the Astros' lead at just two runs. 
Evan Gattis was one of those strikeout victims, but before he did go down swinging, Kelley decided to get in his head by throwing a pitch into deep space:

OK, Gattis obviously called time and Kelley was just finishing his motion, but still -- that is quite the launch angle. As you can hear in the video at the top of this post, A's broadcaster Dallas Braden nearly caught the ball up in the press box. Also, that might've been the first time in recorded history that Evan Gattis was scared of something.
Kelley was proud: