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Max Scherzer proved he was human with a 50 Cent-style wild pitch to Manny Machado

Max Scherzer knows a thing or two about pitching -- well, he knows a lot more than that. He's a three-time recipient of the Cy Young Award and has a 13.6 K/9 rate on the season. The guy is ridiculous. Still, even he manages to throw a wild pitch every now and then.
In the top of the third inning of Thursday's 4-2 Nats win over the O's, Scherzer threw a wild pitch to Manny Machado. It appeared as if he maybe wanted to stop in the middle of his delivery, but threw the ball instead. And this was the result:

So now we know -- Scherzer is indeed human. That answers a lot of questions. 
Scherzer spoke to's Jamal Collier after the game and admitted that these things just happen.
"As soon as I came to set, Sevy went to set up, I was anticipating the pitch to be away," said Scherzer. "I won't say which pitch. But he set up in, and it threw me off. So I got rattled and panicked and was like: Alright, just don't throw it. It was just one of those things that happened. I talked to Sevy. We were on the same page and we understand what happened."
Still, it reminds us of the time rapper 50 Cent attempted a ceremonial first pitch:

Good times.