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March Madness icon Sister Jean threw out the first pitch at the Cubs' home opener

While the 11-seed Loyola Ramblers were busy making their Cinderella run to the Final Four, Cubs manager Joe Maddon was more than happy to lend his support -- sporting a Loyola shirt during a Spring Training press conference and even offering to let Sister Jean, the team's 98-year-old chaplain and an instant internet icon, drive his famous 1958 Oldsmobile station wagon. (The sister politely declined, which was probably for the best.)
So, when it came time for the Cubs to hold their 2018 home opener on Tuesday afternoon, it was only proper for Jean and the Ramblers to repay the favor:

Sister Jean even took to the field to throw out the first pitch -- and while her delivery is a bit unorthodox, she's clearly got plus stuff:

Sister Jean for bullpen coach/good luck charm, who says no?