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The White Sox and Cubs had some fun in Monday's Chicago snow

Monday, April 9 should be a time for green grass, blue skies and the celebration of baseball's much-anticipated return to Chicago after a week spent on the road. Instead, it turned out to be a time for ... a whole lot of snow: The Chicago area saw flurries all morning, and it created a winter wonderland in spring. 
Even the Guaranteed Rate Field scoreboard was confused by the weather:

But that hasn't stopped the grounds crew from doing its best, and the game went on. The White Sox lost to the Rays, 5-4.

In the meantime, who needs batting practice when you can have a snowball fight?

Over on the North Side, conditions were similar -- with a high chance of selfies as the afternoon progressed:

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They, too, had a snowball fight:

Alas, Mother Nature eventually won out, and Wrigley Field won't see baseball until Tuesday. Still, we got to see Pirates starter Trevor Williams act like a kid in a candy store, so it wasn't a total loss: