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Sister Mary Jo returned to Guaranteed Rate Field for another first pitch -- and a photo with Jabari Parker

Last month, a phenomenon swept across MLB -- and it had nothing to do with anything from a game. 
One night, Sister Mary Jo Sobieck took the mound at Guaranteed Rate Field and put on an absolute show of a ceremonial first pitch. Just look at this style:

Before the White Sox's game with the Cubs on Saturday night, she returned to the scene of her star-making, bobblehead-inspiring event for another first pitch. But first, a photo-op with Bulls star Jabari Parker, who was also at the stadium for a pitch of his own:

No, Sister Mary Jo's sequel didn't disappoint:

Here's an angle from behind home plate:

Parker then climbed up to the hill and fired one of his own.

All the stars came out on Saturday night on the South Side!