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An Akron softball player's slide wasn't pretty, but it got the job done


No one said that slides had to be perfect to be sufficient. The University of Akron's Madison Carter proved that the hard way during the first game of a softball doubleheader between the Zips and the University of Buffalo Bulls on Tuesday afternoon in Akron.

Entering as a pinch-runner at first base with Akron trailing, 2-0, and one out in the fourth, Carter charged for second on a sacrifice bunt by Jenna Jones. The play was executed perfectly and Carter ended up on second base, but not before experiencing a slide that was, to be generous, not the way it should be taught in Little League.

Jones went face-first into the ground and was roughed up a little, but as SportsCenter noted below, she was safe anyway!

There's no shame in awkwardness on the bases every now and then though. Just a couple years ago, Pirates All-Star outfielder Starling Marte flipped up on a slide so far that he somersaulted.

So Carter has pretty good company! As now-Brewers infielder Jonathan Villar would note, it could be a lot worse.