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Somebody filled in for The Freeze in Arizona and did not fare too well

Back in early June, The Freeze made his debut at SunTrust Park, teaching one poor Braves fan a valuable lesson in the perils of complacency:

In the weeks since, The Freeze -- real name: Nigel Talton -- has become a national sensation, accepting all challenges and engaging in all manner of Twitter shenanigans (all while continuing to leave unsuspecting Braves fans in the dust). There was just one problem: Talton didn't travel with the team, denying 29 fan bases the opportunity to see him in action ... until Monday night, that is.
With the Braves in town to take on the D-backs, Arizona welcomed The Freeze to Chase Field to participate in the D-backs legends mascot race. And by "The Freeze," we mean "some random person in an inflatable suit." The above video claims it was Braves announcer Jim Powell, but sadly, the team has informed us it was not.

As you can see, it did not go very well. But hey, you try running in a blue bubble.