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26 Days Until Spring Training: Are you ready to join Brandon Phillips' 2016 All-Swag Team?

Spring Training is less than a month away! Let us keep you company until the first pitcher-and-catcher workouts on Feb. 18 with a team-by-team countdown of reasons to get excited for the 2016 MLB season. Today: The Cincinnati Reds. 

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Being good at baseball is important to playing in the Major Leagues. But do you know what's just as and maybe even more important? Being really, really cool. 

Reds second baseman Brandon Phillips knows something about being cool. He even put together his own MLB Swag Team back in 2013. Three years later means things can only have gotten swaggier.

So how can you, young swagists in training, gain acceptance to Phillips' 2016 All-Swag Team? Follow some simple rules below as exemplified by the Swag King himself:

Wear your hat like you don't care what people think about how you wear your hat:


Cotton Candy is not just for kids. It's cool for you to eat it, too.

Don't be afraid to break out into a dance with a foe:


Or act like it's no big deal when they have defeated you:


Learn how to fly.


Respond with this to any question about anything:

"Honestly, I've been too busy winning."

Be really good at smiling:


Oh, and finally, it helps if you can field ground balls without looking:

Phillips flip

Good luck in your endeavors to reach the 2016 All-Swag Team. Only 26 days until Spring Training, we know you can do it.