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Receiving fake dugout CPR from a teammate after an inside-the-park homer makes for a hilarious visual

Pulling off a successful inside-the-park home run requires a lot of running. I mean, a lot -- more sustained sprinting than I've done in my life, realistically. It'll tire out even the most in-shape athletes, because it's not easy.

George Springer put on the afterburners during the Astros' 11-4 win over the Tigers on Tuesday night after his line drive crashed off the outfield wall and careened away from the pursuing outfielders. He ran ... and ran, all the way around the bases for an inside-the-park homer. Once he got to home plate, he took a well-deserved rest.

Once safely back in the dugout, Springer received some attention. Not from the medical staff -- he was fine -- but from shortstop Carlos Correa, who jumped to his side to administer some mock CPR. This photo captures the moment perfectly:

Now, an inside-the-park homer is inherently different from a "regular" over-the-fence homer, sure, but they're both still types of homers. Allowing that, I hereby enter Correa and Springer's fake CPR into the running list of the best home run celebrations we've seen thus far this season, alongside gems like the Reds' trust-fall:

And the staredown, which has become a thing of its own lately as well.

Those are great, but fake CPR from a teammate? That's the new high-water mark, as far as I'm concerned.