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The latest Greg Bird bobblehead features him riding a bald eagle, and it is majestic

Allow us to put forward a hypothesis: Yankees first baseman Greg Bird, beyond being a fine baseball player, is also part actual bird. Before you rush to tell us that there's no way a bird could possibly hold a baseball bat, 1) tell that to this guy and 2) consider the evidence.
Exhibit A: In September of last year, a pigeon traveled all the way to Citi Field just to say hello to Bird at first base.

Exhibit B: His own Triple-A team, the Scranton-Wilkes Barre RailRiders, apparently believes that he hatched from an egg:

But if you remain unconvinced, perhaps the latest Bird bobblehead from the short-season Single-A Staten Island Yankees will sway you. For it appears that not only is Bird part bird, he can control them with his mind/use them as a mode of transportation:

Bird played 11 games in Staten Island back in 2012, so they would know. Alas, Bird is out for the season with a shoulder injury, so these pressing questions will remain unanswered for now.