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Stephen Vogt gave a quick March Madness referee tutorial that cracked up his teammates

College basketball fever is in the air, and even baseball players know it. While most are probably looking forward to the games, the Brewers' Stephen Vogt is more excited about the men in black and white stripes.
Vogt has previously expressed his love for NBA referees, and he feels the same way about the March Madness officials as well. In the video above, he showed why, demonstrating their signals and emotions on mid-game calls. Obviously, he has the basics down:

Those are just the standard calls, though. Vogt's knowledge runs even deeper, as he explained everything from a "block-and-one" call with emphatic gestures:

When Vogt asked a couple of his teammates to help him act out a replay review, they couldn't hold it together:

It's hard to blame them!
Joe Kelly might have the makings of a future home-plate umpire, but clearly, Vogt already knows everything necessary to step onto the hardwood as an official as soon as this week.