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Steven Wright struck out Jose Iglesias on a knuckleball that appeared to defy gravity

Baseball teams and players are always trying to get a competitive advantage over their opponents -- to zig while their competitors comfortably zag. With many players focusing on maximizing spin rate on their pitches, perhaps it makes sense, then, for some to focus on minimizing that spin rate.
Knuckleballers -- like Steven Wright -- are those pesky pitchers who zig. In the Red Sox 6-0 win over the Tigers Tuesday night, Wright pitched seven scoreless innings thanks in part to the effectiveness of his knuckler. In the top of the fifth inning, he unleashed a particularly nasty one to strike out José Iglesias and take his catcher, Christian Vázquez, by surprise. It didn't look like it spun a single time on its path to the plate:

It appears Wright has ditched the zig-versus-zag dichotomy, as this pitch does neither. Instead, he looks content to float while others go back and forth with their zigging and their zagging.