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Both Chris Davis and the laws of physics were baffled by this Steven Wright knuckleball

We know that Steven Wright turned to the knuckleball as a member of the Indians organization, after his career with a more traditional arsenal had stalled out in the high Minors. We know that he soon mastered the pitch, even learning to throw different types of knucklers at different speeds. We know that he's been a pleasant surprise in the Red Sox rotation, with a 2.52 ERA over nine starts this season.
What we didn't know was that Wright is actually a high sorcerer with the ability to bend the physical realm to his whim. At least, we didn't know that until Monday's 7-2 win over the Orioles, in which Wright gave up just four hits over a complete game effort ... and unleashed a knuckleball to Chris Davis that seemingly ignored every known law of the universe:

Poor Davis. Poor Ryan Hanigan, who was not only tasked with trying to catch that thing, but somehow got hit by it three separate times for his trouble. But alas, it's Wright's world now, and we're all just trying to make sense of it.