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The Stockton Ports will become the healthiest team in the Minor Leagues on Asparagus Night

Food: The backbone of any Minor League experience. There are Frankenstein pizzas. There are funnel cake cheeseburgers. There are entire franchises dedicated to the wonder of the taco. Man's only limit is his own imagination.
But, avid "Sesame Street" viewers that we are, we feel compelled to ask: Where's the nutrition? Won't somebody think of our digestive systems? Have no fear, the Stockton Ports are here. The A's Class A affiliate knows that ballpark food can't just be a study of cheese in all its various forms, and this year, they're bringing vegetables back -- starting with asparagus. Yes, May 21 is actually Asparagus Night, and yes, you best believe there are uniforms to match:

Though, for a team named after the high seas, we can only interpret this as a shot across the bow at Popeye and his sub-optimal dietary choices.