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Noah Syndergaard has some nickname ideas for the newest Met, Anthony Swarzak

(Clair, Michael)

When reliever Anthony Swarzak signed with the Mets following a breakout 2017, I'm sure there were many things he had to figure out like, "Where am I going to live?", "What should my uniform number be?" and "Who will give me a nickname?"
Fortunately for Swarzak, the Mets have Noah Syndergaard and he's on top of those things. 

Jerry Blevins took Syndergaard up on the challenge. 

Personally, I like the "Saved by the Bell"-inspired Zak Attack, or the "Dirty Dancing" (and "Roadhouse," natch) homage of Swazey. However, in case the Mets need even more options, we'll toss our suggestions into the ring: 
- Swolezak
- sWAR (you know, like bWAR or fWAR?)
- World of Swarcraft
- Swarzak, what is it good forzak?