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Noah Syndergaard is firing up divisional rivalries again with Bryce Harper

By simply signing his record-breaking contract with the Phillies, Bryce Harper ensured that none of the old NL East rivalries from his Nationals days would fade away. So, it shouldn't shock anyone that Mets nemesis Noah Syndergaard was unable to resist poking fun at Harper for mistaking Philadelphia for D.C. during his introductory press conference on Saturday.

A+ trolling by Thor. Neither players have won a World Series, so the race is on to see who can bring a championship to their actual cities first ... and to see if Syndergaard can continue his streak of never allowing Harper to take him deep.

In response to the fans who criticized him on Instagram for the jab, Syndergaard simply tweeted this:

We couldn't agree more, Thor. We couldn't agree more.

Bring on the beef.