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Joe Mauer had a surprising guest for his number retirement ceremony: rapper T.I.

The stars were out at Target Field on Saturday, as the Twins honored the career of hometown hero Joe Mauer by retiring his No. 7. The faces at the ballpark were mostly familiar for Twins fans.

Franchise icons entered the field to a rousing ovation ...

... plenty of Mauer's old pals from the 2000s and 2010s joined in on the fun ...

... and longtime partner-in-crime Justin Morneau offered some kind words.

However, one man made an appearance who never suited up for the Twins -- or any baseball team, for that matter.

Rapper T.I. is as entwined with Mauer's career as almost anyone. That's because Mauer used his hit single, "What You Know" as his walk-up music for his entire career, and it was key to one of the presents given to him by the Twins.

So, it was only appropriate for T.I. to make a video appearance congratulating Mauer on his career and thanking him for his never-wavering support:

Now, we just need to see Mauer take a selfie with T.I. sometime down the road. Just think of how weird and wonderful it would be.