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Take a stroll down memory lane and watch all 50 of Aaron Judge's record-setting homers

It's been quite the season for Aaron Judge. He hit his very first dinger on April 9 against the Orioles (making a Yankee fan extraordinarily pleased) and crushed a rookie-record 50th during the Yankees' 11-3 win over the Royals. It was his second of the game and it made Larry David sort of happy.

Not since Mark McGwire has a rookie clubbed more than 49 homers in their debut campaign. And now, you can watch all 50 in the main video atop this post. From stadium-denting blasts:

to towering long balls receiving Hall of Fame praise:

to moonshots landing in places not many have gone before:

And if you thought those were good, you should check out some of his legendary BP homers ... or that time he defied the laws of physics during the Home Run Derby. The man is just one giant walking, talking, mashing dinger.