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Take in all the dripping sweetness from National Ice Cream day around MLB

What's better than enjoying a mid-summer baseball game with your favorite team's novelty helmet filled with ice cream? Nothing, is the answer. There's no more effective way to keep cool in July while making your cheering allegiance known. Even players can't resist the tasty refreshment of a well-placed ice cream helmet.

Sunday, July 16, was National Ice Cream Day, and fans around MLB celebrated appropriately. Check out fans taking a break from the heat below, but be careful, consuming too quickly can cause a brain freeze:

You can get ice cream in a helmet:

Or a giant helmet:

Or in a cone:

You can even get it in an apple:

Mhmmm yes please.

Even mascots took a bite:

Mr. and Mrs. mascots:

And, of course, DOGS!

MLB is proud to continue its partnership with OxiClean during the 2017 season. We hope you avoided messy stains this National Ice Cream Day with the help of OxiClean!