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Markus 'Mookie' Lynn Betts (MLB) aside, who has the best initials in baseball?

Think back as far as you can remember. Back to when you first fully grasped the concept of your name -- first, last and middle. If you're like most people, that doesn't really signify much. 
For some folks, though, their initials form something fun. Something amusing, at least. Red Sox outfielder Mookie Betts can attest to this, as thanks to his middle name (Lynn), his initials literally foretold his future: MLB. 
That has to be considered the best set of initials in the game today, right? It's just too perfect. But beyond Betts' fortuitous initials, who else should be considered as having some of the best in MLB? There are actually quite a few in contention, including ...
Eric Allyn Thames (EAT)
Fun-having Brewers slugger Eric Thames, whose initials spell out E-A-T -- as a constant reminder, probably, to do just that every day. It's important.

Brett R. Oberholtzer (BRO)
What's the deal, BRO? Lefty Brett Oberholtzer, currently in the Rockies' system, might know. 

Lorenzo Lamar Cain (LLC)
What is it with the Brewers and excellent initials? Should outfielder Lorenzo Cain open up his own business after his playing days are over, we have to wonder if it'll be a limited liability company, because ... oh, well you get it by now. 

Christopher Armand Taylor (CAT)
The phrase "cat-like agility" exists for a reason. And even if that reason isn't specifically due to Dodgers utility man Chris Taylor, it basically is anyway. 

Matthew Edward Harvey and Mitchell Evan Haniger (MEH)
We have to start here. Matt Harvey, the Reds' new right-hander who pitched well against the Dodgers in his debut with the club last weekend, and the Mariners' Mitch Haniger were both bestowed a pretty solid set of initials.
There's nothing "meh" about this:

Or this, for that matter:

David Odúbel Herrera (DOH)
Phillies slugger Odubel Herrera is a king when it comes to bat flips -- and also hitting homers, having clubbed 43 so far in his young career. Born David Odubel Herrera, his initials spell out that sound made a few times by one Homer J. Simpson.

And with "dingers" being another word for "homers," well ... this works. 

Andrew Burton Cashner (ABC)
Also important for everyday life? Mastery of the alphabet, which you need in order to spell words and form sentences. Orioles right-hander Andrew Cashner is probably good at that by default.

Adam Cory Eaton (ACE)
If Nats outfielder Adam Eaton wants a nickname, we have one to suggest ... especially if he's going to ace tag-avoiding slides like this.

Adrian Sabin Gonzalez (ASG)
Veteran first baseman Adrián González's initials spell out the name of the Midsummer Classic -- so one has to assume it's pretty fun to have stepped in at the Home Run Derby and swatted some dingers with your initials stitched on your jersey, as he did in 2015.

So now that you've seen some of the best ...which deserves top billing? Cast your vote!