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Tanner Roark's backyard baseball game with his daughter was slapstick comedy gold

When the weather warms up, it means it's time to go outside and play -- as Tanner Roark and his 8-year-old daughter, Madison, did earlier this week. 
Their game of choice, unsurprisingly, was a two-person game of baseball ... and it's clear Madison's a ringer. Watch out, Tanner:'s Jamal Collier pointed out that Roark was showing this video around the Washington clubhouse, as he's clearly pretty proud of the highlight clip.
Just a textbook swing by young Madison, who, you may recall, visited her dad at his job and wrote up the Nats' lineup card a couple years back: 

Roark not fielding his position cleanly is an outlier as far as his skills on the mound are concerned. After all, he's known much more for this sort of thing ... 

... than what transpired in his backyard with Madison. But then again, she just made some really good contact.
The summer months are for making memories, and the Roarks certainly did with this backyard baseball game.