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After electrifying a nation, Team Puerto Rico returned home for a parade

They may not have won the World Baseball Classic, but Puerto Rican fans still had plenty to celebrate following their country's performance in the tournament. Behind a squadron of young prospects and stars -- including Carlos Correa, Francisco Lindor and Javier Baez all finding roles in the infield -- and the old guard like Carlos Beltran, the team and its bleached blond hair sparked a national phenomenon, remaining undefeated until its 8-0 loss to the U.S. in the final.

With cheers of "Team Rubio!" (Team Blond in Spanish), the country's citizens dyed their hair in solidarity -- even leading to a dye shortage on the island. 

They didn't return to the country as failures, though. When the tournament ended, the endlessly exciting and unifying force for the country returned home for a parade -- less for themselves and more for the fans that rallied behind them.

The team broadcast the event on Facebook Live, so even if you weren't along the route in Puerto Rico, you could still follow along below:

As Correa told's Doug Padilla following the game:

"Our country has been behind us since we have started [the tournament]. When we were in Mexico, we told the governor in Puerto Rico that if we made it to the finals, we need a plane to get back and celebrate with our people."

 Judging by the enthusiastic fans waiting for the team, they were eager to celebrate, too.