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Terry Francona admits he never would have 'guessed' Trevor Bauer's drone-related injury

There are few baseball players like Trevor Bauer. He has a multitude of pitches, his own unique training regimen and, at the very least, a few rap songs to his name. He's also a drone enthusiast, flying the machines whenever he gets a chance. 
Unfortunately, in a case that will go down in history with Glenallen Hill's fear of spiders and Steve Sparks hurting himself trying to tear a phone book in half, Trevor Bauer cut his finger while performing "routine maintenance" on his drone. Something that Terry Francona joked everyone in the news conference had probably experienced. 

"I think Bauer said routine maintenance. And again, I have no idea what that is," Francona explained. "But he cut his pinky finger on top. Fortunately it was on top. There's a couple bright spots in the fact that, OK, it happened. We had enough days off between series where Josh Tomlin -- we can just flip-flop them."
Given the injuries that have hit Cleveland's rotation before the ALCS, you could forgive Francona for assuming the rotation was cursed. Even then, the manager said, "You could have given me a lot of guesses, and I wouldn't have probably got this one."
It's not just Bauer that might not be feeling his best today. Francona admitted that he gets too nervous watching other teams in the postseason. 
"I can't stand it, I get so nervous," the skipper said. "Watching Kenley Jansen come in the seventh last night. And I feel so much better in the dugout, not that we don't get nervous, but at least you have something to say about it, a little bit. Sitting there at home on my ninth piece of pizza, you get nervous, man."

Watch the Indians take on the Blue Jays in Game 2 of the ALCS on Saturday at 4 p.m. ET on TBS and Sportsnet (in Canada).