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With Tampa Bay in town, the A's ranked the Top 10 Rays of all time and it was ... interesting

On Monday, the A's lost their series opener to Tampa Bay, 3-2, at the Coliseum. Oakland's color commentator is Ray Fosse, and the opponent's name is the Rays. With that in mind, the Green and Gold took the opportunity to provide a Top 10 Rays list that they proudly displayed on the video board. 
Let's just say the results were ... noteworthy: 

In the minutes after the reveal, comments swirled on social media, with @RaysBaseball taking particular umbrage to the list's order, which prompted a quick clap back from the A's:

All in good fun, of course, but as with most stringent lists, tough calls have to be made ... and tough calls tend to lead to impassioned responses. 
Besides, anybody who doesn't like Sugar Ray's "Someday" is lying to themselves.