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The A's took over Giants territory in McCovey Cove during the Bay Bridge Series


Currently down in the Bay Area, the "Bay Bridge Series" is taking place with the A's and Giants battling it out in San Francisco. AT&T Park is where the Giants call home, but that's not stopping the green and gold from making their presence known.

During Game 3 of the series, A's president Dave Kaval began the #McCoveyCoveTakeover, which had Kaval himself on a boat. He went out on the docks, offering complimentary suites to those boats decorated in anything A's.

Oh -- it gets better when the mascots get involved.

The beloved Lou Seal began to throw water balloons at Stomper, who was sailing with A's fans, and social media was there to capture the entire thing ... and egg the two on. But that's not the craziest part of the night ...

Certain loyalties were shown, or perhaps exposed, when "McCovey Cove Dave" traded in his usual orange and black for an A's hat.

The Bay Bridge Series is a rivalry that will live on, and like Kaval said: "The McCovey Cove Takeover was lit."

*There were no mascots harmed in the making of this post.