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I'm sorry but Bryce Harper is infinitely more handsome than Luke P. from 'The Bachelorette'

We're three episodes in to this season of "The Bachelorette" and already a frontrunner has emerged. His name is Luke Parker, he's an import/export manager and crossfit enthusiast from Georgia, and he's jumped out to an early lead in the "winning Hannah's heart" department as well as the "having the most abs" department.

But swoleness isn't the only reason why Luke P. (there's also a Luke S., because this is "The Bachelorette") has captured America's imagination: A lot of people on the Internet think he looks exactly like Bryce Harper.

Seriously, it's become a thing.

A simple Twitter search reveals that countless viewers have reached this same conclusion.

To which I say: Have all of you lost your minds? We're talking about the same Bryce Harper, right? The guy from the Body Issue?

I guess that, in profile, you can sort of make the argument. The jawlines are similar -- and as a bearded white 20-something, I can confirm that every bearded white 20-something is no more than three degrees removed from looking like every other bearded white 20-something.

That's where the similarities end, though. For starters, they aren't even the same shape! Bryce: sleek, fit, linear, looks like an Adonis put on Earth for the express purpose of stealing hearts and mashing baseballs.

Luke P.: unaerodynamic, blockish, shaped like a Whomp for some reason.

Please, tell me I'm not crazy. Use the poll below to tell me that you see what I see: That Bryce Harper doesn't look anything like Luke, and is in fact far better looking (even if he insists on sticking with this Wolfman phase).