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Bartolo Colon had a phenomenal outing on the mound and the baseball world was loving it

(Bob Levey)

Bartolo Colon put on a fabulous display atop the mound in the Rangers' 3-1 win over the Astros on Sunday night. He cruised into seven perfect innings, but that perfection ceased to be after a lead-off walk by Carlos Correa and a Josh Reddick double. 
Despite the somewhat unhappy ending, the baseball world and adoring fans were filled to the brim with excitement with what they were witnessing.
As the innings flew by, we weren't sure how Colon was handling the pressure. Well:

Or this could explain it:

He even got respect from former players who faced him:

And those who were Dan Haren:

And when it was over, there was nothing but respect from Bartolo:

With some fun facts:

And yes, it was a perfect game in its own way:

And they don't call him Big Sexy for nothing:

Thank you for that, Bartolo. That was wonderful -- just like you: