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The five best tweets from Keith Hernandez's newly verified and always hilarious Twitter account

Keith Hernandez has charmed baseball fans across the country for years with his many shenanigans in the Mets broadcast booth. But what if that wasn't quite enough? What if you demanded more of the grumbling, more of the unrepentant trolling, more of the mustache? Lucky for you, Hernandez is now on Twitter.
The former first baseman created his account back in 2015, but it laid dormant until a couple of weeks ago, when he tweeted out a touching remembrance for his late friend and teammate Rusty Staub. From there, he was off to the races:

Of course, his first order of business was to quiet the initial skepticism over whether this was actually Keith Hernandez's Twitter account: 

Thankfully, on Tuesday, Twitter decided to help him out:

As you might imagine, Hernandez's account immediately became a sensation -- he's up to 46,441 followers as of this writing while following just 38 accounts himself, a ratio to which we all should aspire. To help get you caught up on what you've missed so far, we've compiled some of his greatest hits:
1. When he changed his handle
Shouts to Keith for locking down that premium first name/last name brand space:

2. When he was a little unclear on how to take a screenshot
Hey, a photo of your computer will do just as well: 

3. When he jumped into @PearlJam's mentions to proclaim his love for Eddie Vedder
An unusual match? Perhaps, but even Keith needs a little grunge in his life every now and then:

4. When he live-tweeted his stay at the Washington, D.C. airport
Complete with Rocky and Bullwinkle joke: 

5. Most important, when he introduced the world to his beloved cat, Hadji
Not only would this be the first of many fantastic Hadji photos to grace Hernandez's timeline, but it also demonstrated an advanced understanding of cat emojis: